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Locks are unpredictable as far as their work pattern is concerned. They do not warn before going out of order. In hindsight, we can control their working, but cannot stop the wear and tear. To make matters worse, if they malfunction, it is important to have a 24 hour lock & key service at the ready, because locks have to be repaired on spot. Any delay can have an adverse impact on your security and cause more problems to home and the office owners. Imagine getting stranded far away from home outside of your car in an unfamiliar location. You can’t even find help as leaving the car alone could invite thieves and burglars to the site and that is why 24 hour lock & key service would come in handy as it can be called to the site.

Do you know top locksmith vendors in the Pine Beach, NJ area? Yes, there are many who claim to be the best but seldom keep up their words except for Universal Locksmith Store that has created a benchmark for quality, both in terms of customer service and work ethics. So, when a service provider is to be chosen the only name that springs to mind is that of Universal Locksmith Store.

24 hour lock & key service in Pine Beach, NJ includes:

Residential locksmith service:

Build a house worth millions of bucks, but if its security is not bolstered, it’s just a matter of time before vandals or miscreants walk in. They not only do away with your valuables, but may also physically harm your family. In such situations, only 24 hour lock & key service can help you perfect your home security anytime you need.

Universal Locksmith Store Pine Beach, NJ 732-508-0143Commercial locksmith service:

Big office buildings have to be secured from outsiders especially, if you suspect someone might have malicious intent to steal business information. There are so many locks that have to be thoroughly analyzed and only professional locksmith experts can do the same. Hence, it is logical to take help of Universal Locksmith Store to avail 24 hour lock & key service for your business.

Automotive locksmith service:

We are also adept in handling different types of car locks including locking and ignition systems. We also craft new car keys and duplicate existing ones. If you have any such issue, call us and get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible.

How do we make it happen?

Thanks to our diverse and skilled workforce, we can shoot down any locksmith and security problem like nine pins. We are lucky enough to have a huge fleet of mobile vans that helps us travel to every nook and corner of Pine Beach, NJ, in double quick time.

So, call us on 732-508-0143  for phenomenal 24/7 services in and around Pine Beach