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Emergencies of any kind have become quite commonplace, especially, in present scenario when everybody is multitasking. The same is true for home and office security, because it is powered by locks and keys. A majority of people are so busy that sometimes they cannot remember where they have misplaced the keys. As a result, lockouts occur frequently and cause immense problems. In fact, it is an emergency situation that has to be dealt with promptly by availing key duplication  services.

Creating an exactly similar key is not rocket science, but it is also not so simple that a DIY strategy can be attempted. Even hiring amateurs would do no good because modern keys are of different types belonging to the conventional and high-security categories. Instead, you can call Universal Locksmith Store in Pine Beach, NJ to hire a professional locksmith for key duplication  services.

Why key duplication?

Imagine getting locked out of your own house or car with no keys around! It is a nightmarish situation that can only be solved by availing our key duplication services. Since the task is complex, Universal Locksmith Store can be entrusted with the responsibility and we do not disappoint our clients by deploying the best locksmith experts as well as the latest state of art tools for the job.

Why do you need a professional?

Creating keys from key blanks is not the job of a novice as a slight error can have adverse impact on the configuration and working. An expert locksmith will closely analyze the shape and the functioning of the keys before using the automated tool to get the desired results. Thus, quality key duplication service ensures that Universal Locksmith Store Pine Beach, NJ 732-508-0143the keys work seamlessly with your locks.

The types of keys that can be copied are as follows:

  • High-security keys
  • Creation of new car keys
  • Laser car keys
  • Spare keys for file cabinet
  • Key fobs
  • Master keys
  • Programming new transponder keys

Why choose Universal Locksmith Store?

In terms of expertise and skill sets, Universal Locksmith Store in Pine Beach, NJ beats the competition hands down. The quality of key duplication service offered by us is unmatched by any other vendor, thanks to our highly efficient experts and phenomenal customer service. We do not create keys at our workshops, but right at the client’s place to save their precious time and money.

So, if you’ve lost keys or need a spare, call us on 732-508-0143!